Lab4Art is a unique partnership for the benefit of the authentication of works of art

Our painting restoration workshop (ATP) and the university laboratory,LAMS, (Paris 8 UMPC) come together to create the first " Laboratory-Workshop" to develop research of new non-invasive analytical methods.

Its aim is to develop new tools and methods to enhance the findings for author attribution and authentication. The ability to trace a painting's past, and the fight against counterfeiting are also part of LAB4ART's field of research (pronounced LAB FOR ART).

These two structures each bring their know-how and expertise to the collaboration. The LAMS (Laboratoire d' Archéologie Moléculaire et Structurale - Molecular and Structural Archaeology Laboratory) provides scientific equipment, particularly hyperspectral imaging, and their great expertise in Chemical Art. While the ATP provides its expertise in terms of restoration, drafting of condition reports, and the realization of restoration and conservation files for painted pieces.

This collaboration allows the precise analysis of the materials that constitute painted works first, so that then an uderstandable report can be drafted on the dating and authenticity of the work in its historical and aesthetic context.

This type of public/private partnership is supported by the National Research Agency's LabCom program. It's aim is to encourage researchers to create partnerships with an SME or an ETI, and the showcasing of the research results of said partnership by their companies.

Laurence de Viguerie (LAMS) is the leader of this project, co-led by Annette Douay (ATP) and Philippe Walter (LAMS).
LAMS pays particular attention to the development of non-invasive methods. Hyperspectral imaging will allow a significant step in this direction. It makes it possible to know the composition of matter in the depth of the spectrum. It is therefore very precise with the information provided by a new generation of material identification research; far superior to the multispectral imaging used so far.

There are only a few examples of these tools in the world, Lab4Art being the only one on the public market in France.

The Molecular and Structural Archaeology Laboratory is a joint research unit of the CNRS and the Pierre and Marie Curie University - Sorbonne. It is directed by Philippe Walter (Director of research at the CNRS),a leading French specialist in applied chemistry for works of art, whose reputation has far exceeded the borders.
Atelier du Temps Passé is an SME, directed by Annette Douay, active for more than 30 years in the restoration of paintings and polychrome art objects. It's located at the Viaduc des Arts, in Paris, between the Bastille and the Gare de Lyon Train station and is aimed at private individuals as well as institutions (Historical Monuments, Museums, Foundations, Ministries,...).

Promising collaborations, projects to advance scientific discovery, and professional applications are wanted with great interest.


Annette Douay : Atelier du Temps Passé: 01 43 07 72 26
Laurence de Viguerie: LAMS 01 44 27 82 26
Philippe Walter: LAMS 01 44 27 82 22

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